Website Rules

General Rules

1. User can submit a claim to the administration of the website if another user violates the Rules.

2. A user can only have one free profile. Men can create several profiles, but for every new one it is required to pay for non-activated data and operations. New profile is being automatically removed if there is no payment. In a case when former profile is removed, communication via old profile is enabled only when non-activated data and operations are paid for. Women’s second profile should be unlocked. If the requirements are not met profile is automatically removed. When a former profile is removed, communication via new one is only possible when non-activated data and operations are paid for.

    3. Website administration reserves the right to:
  • Delete messages
  • Block profiles without prior notice
  • Block profiles without explaining the reasons
  • Block profiles if there is continuous inactivity
  • Remind about compliance with the website rules
  • Charge penalty for violations
  • Cease to provide Premium access to users who are registered using temporary email services or for any other criteria

When profile is removed for violations account balance is not refunded. It is not allowed to create a new profile if a current one is blocked. In such case website administration is not liable for registration of such profiles.

4.Website administration can change the rules, fees for services, their range and timing at any given moment.

5. For security and protection purposes against fake accounts, we do not provide users with the ability to remove the last photo from their profile, but users can replace it or deactivate the account.


    Following reasons will lead to removal from the website
  • SPAM.
  • Solicitation (for balance refill, money transfers etc.).
  • Fundraising for charity on other websites.
  • Search for a woman for another person.
  • In a case of a fraud.
  • Disrespectful attitude (insults, threats, obscene speech).
  • Adding photos that show private areas.
  • Man’s disgraceful off-the-website behavior towards woman.
  • Any case of prostitution
  • Usage of TOR browser or any VPN/proxy.
  • Paid services offering (such as massage, skype virtual sex, phone sex etc.).
  • Internet fraud.
  • Incitement of political and religious conflicts.

Photo placement rules

    Eligible photos:
  • Depicting real profile owner
  • Face is clear and fully visible
  • Images of good quality that are made during daytime, with no blurs, noise, or flare.
    Not qualified:
  • Photos of erotic, political or religious nature
  • Group photos (incl. children)
  • Partial photos (i.e. depicting body alone)
  • Photos that contain scenes of violence, weapons, offenses
  • Photos that violate the copyright of the owner
  • Photos of offensive nature
  • Photos that promote drug use, alcohol or smoking
  • Advertisement
  • Violates the laws of England and Wales

Administration reserves the right to refuse to publish photos without any explanation.
By continuing to communicate on the website you agree to the abovementioned rules.